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Apparent saving or harmful quality

Bad-quality fuels are frequently used as cheap substitute for combustion in house stoves as well. These are building materials, binders, old furniture covered with varnish and saturated with chemicals. In extreme cases, plastic and tires are thrown into stoves.


Toxic substances, which are emitted while combustion, have bad compound on health and environment. Smog that appears after combustion influences on the development of serious illnesses such as lungs cancer or cardiovascular diseases.


Apparent saving influences not only environment, but also makes correct combustion impossible, destroying heating installation.
Toxic dust that embeds on them often becomes the reason of fire as well as burning plastic damages boiler and over sheets.


Outdated technology versus innovations

Non-effective and usually outdated heating installations and bad-quality fuel are responsible for emission of about 88% dust or polluters into the air. In order to take care of not only environment, but also your health, it is recommended to change old furnaces and to burn fuel with the lowest content of polluters such as sulphur. Combustion technology, used in outdated ovens, does not ensure effective and economical use. You need to use more raw materials to heat your home, which leads to higher emission of harmful dust. Nowadays, you can find modern furnaces on the market thanks to which you can save up to 30% of heating. Technology used in production of new boilers ensures the reasonable reduction of used fuel as well as production of dust and powder per ton of product. Moreover, more than once they are equipped into fuel feeders thanks to what heating your house gets more comfortable and semi-automatic.


Dishonest sellers

The first thing to remember about while buying fuel is to look at their benefits, which favours the work of the boiler. Be careful with peddlers who offer low-quality and worthless products like low calorific mine waste or mixtures of different coal types. There is sometimes used a special practice, where when you buy some goods, you get your purchase a lot lighter and even mixed with stones. You also need to remember to check whether the product sold is bagged and whether the firm can confirm the parameters by analyses or certificates. Furthermore, check other clients’ feedbacks or experience and reliability of distributors.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”100px”][/vc_column][/vc_row]