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Coal we offer in two sizes (singles and coal doubles) .
Coal of Pure Fuels Project is characterized by the lowest sulphur content and any other polluters in Europe. It is good to combust as well as it emits low amount of dust and remaining dust does not contain sinters and has the structure of light pollen. What is even more interesting, it perfectly suits for soil fertilization and that is why it can be lately used in fields.

The product is checked by our clients and its parameters are confirmed by Katowice Main Mining Institute.

Our coal is packed in durable bags in Poland. It is worth to add that they are partly produced from salvage so that is why they are regarded as ecological. They are very long-lasting and have got special ventilation system thanks to which they ensure perfect coal condition. It is a valuable solution and provides an easy and quite clean transportation to the boiler or heating rooms. Every bag is packed automatically on modern production tapes thanks to what clients have a guarantee that actual weight of ordered coal coincides with the order. Bags are arranged on a pallet and safe. With the intercession of logistics companies, the product (pallet on which a bagged ton of coal is found) will be delivered to the given address in the form.




Our pellet is produced from clean wood sawdust (pine sawdust 80%, mix of deciduous sawdust 20%). It is an eco-friendly product, which does not include any binders. Furthermore, it is serried thanks to modern press technology and lignin contained in dry pine sawdust: shortly, natural and ecological saw. It is characterized by high calorific value and does not sinter as well as smoke production is negligible after combustion. It is perfectly suitable for stoves with semi-automatic and automatic erectors. Product is available in two sizes; 8 mm and 6 mm.

You can look at the parameters of our pellets below:

Pellet is regarded as one of the most ecological and convenient heating materials to use thanks to what are very popular in Poland as well as in Western Europe.

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